CALL routing

Deliver Calls To The Right Place Everytime

Get your calls to the right person at the right time

    Calls handled by our platform can be directed to a single answer point or to any pre-nominated answer points depending on a number of criteria (Complex routing). There are a number of complex routing methods that employs to handle a call. These methods can be used individually or collectively, thus offering a comprehensive suite of rules by which calls can be handled in a flexible and fully customisable manner.


    Pin-Based Routing: Set a custom list of pins or extensions and direct calls according to the caller’s extension they entered. Alternatively, pass calls to a single answer point and just capture the product numbers entered by your callers!


    Call Rotator: If you have multiple locations or departments Call Rotator will distribute calls/leads to your desired locations or teams.


    Time-Based Routing: Passes callers through to an appropriate destination based on specific times, for example, if you’re running a special promotion or you have busy seasons coming up, you may want to route calls to more staff to handle the load. Simply program these dates and times in and the team members you want to send the calls to and TBR will take care of the rest.


    IVR: IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response which allows callers to choose their destination based on a phone menu system i.e. press #1 for salespress #2 for customer support etc..
    Dynamic IVR: Ideal for companies that have multiple locations where setting up a standard IVR becomes too messy. When a customer calls your number, SMART IVR will build an options menu specifically for that caller based on their current location, giving them options to choose from.